About National Animal of India

The National Animal of India is calling as a peacock. However, it does not necessarily have the same meaning as that in other countries of the world. peacock is a bird that was originally created in France and had been imported to India by the early Portuguese in the fourteenth century.
It was meant for hunting. The Portuguese introduced it in the country and the natives quickly adopted the peacock and put it as their national animal. The peacock is a big bird and hence people used to call them 'Big peacock'. The Native people had a great love for the peacock and used to offer it as a sacrifice to God at their religious places.
There were several stories regarding the origin of the peacock. A story related in one of the Mahabharata epic poems describes how Prince Vikramaditya went to an elephant temple and tried to sacrifice himself by himself. The elephant accepted the sacrifice and thus the first peacock breed in India was born. Though it is a myth, the horse and the peacock is believed to be connected to some more intricate story.
The local people used to leave the bones of the peacock and animals of other sorts of wild animals for the gods as they believed that it helps them to get a message. Another myth also attributes the introduction of the peacock to a king named Duryodhana.
The National Animal of India is the Deer which is a very important part of the diet of the people in India. The season for the hunting of the deer during winter is huge and there are hundreds of people who go for this work in the entire year.
The national animal of India is the peacock, which is still revered as the national animal. It is more common in the northeast region of India but all over the country, people love to hunt it and eat it.
People of the rural areas of India like to take an opportunity to collect them and roast them on a hot fire to make a savory dessert. This dessert can be served to guests during any special occasion.
The National Animal of India is also known as the Tiger, which was named after the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. This Tiger had grown wings and was taken as a trophy by the emperor and later on, these same trophies were sent to his subjects in Europe and America.
This National Animal of India is the Leopard, which is still hunted as a sport. The Nepalese people also love the Leopard and you will often see it in its natural habitat in India.
The National Animal of India is the Giraffe, which was named after King Louis XIV. It is a famous symbol of luxury and royalty and it is very popular in the country.
The National Animal of India is the Indian Rhino, which is also called as the Indian Boogeyman. It is, in fact, the most endangered animal of the world and the numbers of the population are not able to be maintained.
The National Animal of India is the peacock, which has been famous for many years. You can also find this animal in the forests of the country.